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Bozarthzone! Nuts and Bolts of Social Media

Speaker:  Jane Bozarth
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This session will cover basics of creating and sustaining community via social media tools. Rather than theory, participants will walk away with an understanding of how to implement and utilize these applications.

Briefly, we will look at several popular social media tools, such as blogs, wikis, Facebook and Twitter, then basics of using these tools for

  1. Creating Community & Community Management;
  2. Fostering Communities of Practice;
  3. Knowledge Transfer and Management.

Jane Bozarth is North Carolina's self-appointed "E-Learning Goddess". While her specialty is in finding ways to cut the high costs of e-learning, Jane is also a popular classroom instructor and motivational speaker. Dr. Bozarth enjoys business writing and author of E-Learning Solutions on a Shoestring, Better than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging E-Learning with PowerPoint, From Analysis to Evaluation: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Trainers, and Social Media for Trainers.


Games Synchronous Trainers Play

Speakers:  Jane Bozarth and Kassy LaBorie
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Need to punch up your programs? Looking to better E-ngage your E-learners? 
Games are powerful tools to create engagement, encourage participation, and support transfer of learning. In this 1.5 hour session learn to create games and how and when to use them. You will also get a chance to share ideas for applying this topic to your own training programs. Have YOU created a new game or activity? We'd love to have you share it ...Come prepared to whiteboard your ideas and join us for a fast and fun exploration of games, activities, and energizers for use in synchronous training.


21 Questions to Ask before Designing Any Training Program aka 60 Minute Needs Assessment

Speaker:  Dr. Nanette Miner
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Needs analysis is often an arduous and lengthy process - but it is absolutely necessary if you are to have a successful training outcome.  This session will focus on 21 crucial questions to ask of your internal or external clients to ensure that you are creating a training program that is truly necessary and one that will return significant business results.  You can confidently begin a training design (or stop a fruitless effort!) in one hour, by asking these key questions.


The Focused Leader

Speaker:  Maureen Orey, M.Ed., CPLP
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Clear and concise goals, partnered with a well thought out implementation plan can help individuals achieve the goals they have established for themselves. This seminar will show you how to develop and implement strategic goals that can greatly increase your success! 

• Clarify Your Values & Vision 
• Set realistic goals (daily, weekly, monthly) 
• Develop a goal strategy implementation plan

Maureen is an award winning international speaker and best-selling author with over twenty five years of experience in the fields of management, leadership, training and diversity. She has worked in many industries including healthcare, government, hospitality and education. As President of the Workplace Learning and Performance Group, Maureen is dedicated to working with inspired individuals to help them improve their performance so they can achieve their desired results. A Certified Professional in Learning & Performance, Maureen is an expert facilitator and trainer, session participants rave about her workshops! 

Maureen is an award winning international speaker and best-selling author with over twenty five years of helping inspired business leaders improve their performance so they can achieve their desired results! Her clients rave about the success they have achieved!


5 Easy Ways to Help Adults Learn

Speaker: Bobbe Baggio
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This presentation looks at Four Simple Assumptions of Andragogy

  1. Adults need to be involved in instruction (self-concept and motivation to learn)
  2. Experience provides the basis for learning activities (including mistakes)
  3. Adults are most interested in learning subjects that are relevant to their job or personal life (motivated to learn)
  4. Adult learning is problem centered rather than content-oriented (orientation)

The learning objectives are:

  • What is an adult learner? Bloom’s comprehension articulate
  • What motivates adult learners? Bloom’s analysis explain
  • What is important about learning styles? Bloom’s synthesis depict
  • How can we help adults to learn? Bloom’s evaluation interpret

You don’t need to say “LEARNERS WILL BE ABLE TO !”


Best Practices for Polling in the Virtual Classroom

Speaker: Darlene Christopher
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Well-designed polls can enhance your sessions and give a boost to your audience engagement. Poorly designed polls can frustrate your audience and have the opposite effect. To avoid such pitfalls, one should think of polls as “mini-surveys.” We can apply best practices from surveys to maximize the results of polling during live online training events.

In this recording, I will explore the keys to designing effective polls and delivering them during a synchronous learning session. Instructional designers who set up and support Web conferencing events, and those who facilitate these events, will find practical tips to improve the effectiveness of polling. While this article focuses specifically on polls for training events, the techniques discussed apply to other types of Web conferencing events, including marketing events, online focus groups, and more.


Behind the Scenes Producing for the Synchronous Classroom

Speakers: Kassy LaBorie and Karen Vieth
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InSync Training’s own Kassy LaBorie and Karen Vieth talk about producing for the synchronous classroom.  Learn the behind the scenes secrets.  What do producers do?  Are there different types of producers?  What does it take to be a producer?  All these questions and more are answered in Behind the Scenes Producing for the Synchronous Classroom.


Boomers, Gen X and Millennials...can we train them all the same?

Speaker: Linda Uli
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Over the next 10-20 years, most organizations will have up to five generations, working together. A 2008 Brandon Hall Research Center report, "Training Across the Generations", demonstrates how each generation digests information in different ways. As you develop training programs for your organization, how do you maximize learning effectiveness for all your employees—whatever their age and generation?

Learn proven techniques to:

  • Use a multi-generational style to reach audiences of all ages.
  • Match learning styles with effective online activities.
  • Analyze how people learn—both as individuals, or as a team.


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